4L Ultrasonic Humidifier with Cool Mist and Can Act as Aroma Diffuser

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Dry air can have adverse effects on health and well being, grab this Humidifier now for only $69.99!

Product Description:

Ზ Easy one touch smart operation either direct or by remote engagement
Quiet operation perfect for uninterrupted sleep and/or getting work done
Ზ Fits well in any space such as a bedroom, an office and living room
Ზ Helps fight the damaging effects of dry air such as dry skin, wrinkles, insomnia, dry mouth, nose bleeds, asthma, bronchitis and among many more negative effects associated with dry air
Ზ Perfect for babies in which it helps them fall asleep and be able to breathe easily
Ზ Humidifying up to 40m2 space
3 speed mist adjustments
Large 4L water tank capacity which eliminates changing water frequently
Ზ Has a built-in humidistat which automatically senses the relative humidity in the air
Ზ Built in auto shut-off when water level in the tank gets low


Ზ Power: 28W
Ზ Voltage:
Ზ Noise: <36db
Ზ Water Capacity: 4L
Ზ Application: 40m2
Ზ Humidification Method: Mist Atomization Discharge
Ზ Max Atomization: 300ml/h

Package Includes:

Ზ 1 x Humidifier Unit
Ზ 1 x Remote
Ზ 1 x Manual



Carry convenient?

The water container can be separated and carried by itself for convenient transport.

How to clean the scale after long time used ?

It can be easily cleaned with a rag or brush. Ideally done, once a week.

How do we know where to pour essential oil?

You can add the essential oil directly into the water, and the essential oil can be volatilized into the air.

How to adjust the humidity, and does it automatically shutdown when humidity set point is hit?

Yes, the button with wavy lines sets up the humidity level and will shut off when it is hit

How well does it humidifies? Have pros and cons?

It can humidifies up to 40㎡ room. Make sure to close the doors and windows for optimum operation. Wait a few minutes for the humidistat to adjust to show the accurate humidity of the room.

When the water is run out in the machine, is the humidifier safe?

It's safe and when water is run out, the humidifier will stop working automatically due to safety mechanism built in to the machine.

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Features Embedded into the Humidifier:

Mechanical standard model: 4L large capacity

Mechanical knob control

Low Water automatic shut off

Large screen display

Smart touch + remote control

Constant Humidity

3 Mode of Humidification Mist Level

Sleep Mode

Direct Injection of Essential Oils to the Water for Aromatherapy

Dual Purification of Negative Ions

Operation and Uses:



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