Personal Air Cooler & Humidifier with 7 modes of LED lighting (NOT SUITABLE FOR BIG AREAS)

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$49.95 Personal AC and Humidifying Unit

Product Description:

ᴥ Creates a Personal Cooling Zone
Sleek Design
ᴥ Comes with an Adjustable LED Background Light
ᴥ Cools temperature of personal space by up to 6 - 8 degrees
Strong airflow but operates quietly
ᴥ Choose from 3 different speed settings to adjust the airflow
ᴥ Up to 6-8 hours of humidifying time
Low energy consumption
ᴥ Just add water, plug it in and turn it ON
ᴥ Auto shutoff when it is out of water
Not suitable to cool entire room


ᴥ Power: 5 W
ᴥ Water Tank Capacity: 375 ml
ᴥ Winds Speed: 3 modes (High / Medium / Low)
ᴥ Noise: In less than 68 dB (A)
ᴥ Product Dimensions: 5.5"L x 5.5"W x 5.7"H
ᴥ Spray Time: 6-8 hours

Operation and Care:

ᴥ Place in a flat surface while in operation, do not put on a slanted surface
ᴥ Add 3/4 of water in the tank for optimal operation, do not overfill
ᴥ Replace stale water every 3-4 days to prevent scale build up
ᴥ Use a brush to clean the water tank once a week to prevent bacterial growth

Package Includes:

ᴥ Personal Air Cooler
ᴥ USB Adapter
ᴥ User Manual

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